Déblocage Samsung Galaxy J5

Pour Samsung Galaxy J5 sont disponibles pour choisir parmi les options suivantes pour débloquer. Si vous ne savez pas quelle option choisir, s'il vous plaît contactez-nous. Nous allons vous aider à choisir le bon produit pour votre téléphone.

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Débloquer Samsung Galaxy J5


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  • super code recu en qq minutes. appareil debloque

    jeremy - 2016-04-27 21:39:47

  • Merci rapid ,efficace et facile à utiliser

    Nacer Eddine - 2015-09-25 14:03:40

Comment entrer le code sur le mobile Samsung Galaxy J5 ?

Vous pouvez saisir le code de déverrouillage de trois manières différentes :

1. Insérer une carte SIM étrangère (si vous avez un code PIN il faut le saisir)
2. Le mobile doit demander le code de déverrouillage réseau
3. Saisissez le code Unfreeze ou Defreeze et approuvez (le message de l’échec apparaît )
4. Saisissez le code NCK ou Network et approuvez
Le téléphone est déverrouillé

Si votre mobile ne demande pas de code de déverrouillage il faut:
1. Allumer le téléphone avec une carte SIM étrangère.
2. Ensuite, saisir #7465625*638*NCK ou Network# ou *#7465625*638*NCK ou Network#
Le téléphone est déverrouillé.

Si votre mobile ne demande pas de code de déverrouillage il faut:
1. Allumer le téléphone avec une carte SIM étrangère.
2. Puis taper les séquences suivantes:
#0199*Unfreeze ou Defreeze#
#0111*NCK ou Network#
#0121*SCK ou Subprovider#
#0133*SPCK ou Provider#
Le téléphone est déverrouillé.


2019-02-11 23:38:48 Alin Gabriel

Evryting work fine, thank you

2019-01-30 17:09:19 eugen

Súper rápido ,sin duda repetirémuchas gracias

2019-01-03 18:18:34 Johny

Fue muy rápido y estoy muy satisfecho con el servicio proporcionado, felicidades a la pagina

2018-12-18 21:31:11 John

Worked well, thank you.

2018-12-10 09:16:29 Kerim

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2018-11-26 08:36:32 robert

Still good service

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A mi me funciona...recomiendo la pagina

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Excelente a mi me funciono ..recomiendo esta pagina..gracias

2018-11-12 16:57:36 Cuong

100% - Paypal paid. - Get code 30 minutes later. - 5 minutes later, the phone was unlocked. Very professional people

2018-11-05 08:41:47 Cody

Good service Respects it's timings and offers quality service with ease. Planning to use it in the future Thank you

2018-10-15 15:56:22 Florin

Very quick Thx@

2018-10-02 08:39:44 ILIE

Thank you for your services. You were very prompt and very usefull.

2018-09-18 08:15:16 Gaby

Very quick. The code worked from the first try. The most lengthy process was paying as I did not have paypal

2018-09-05 16:29:17 Muhammed

Trusted web.Got the code within 2 hours and worked😀

2018-08-30 11:22:12 Justin

Great service Unlocked my Samsung Galaxy J5 within 1 hour :) Highly recommended The DEFREEZE code is the UNLOCK code in case that is not 100% clear

2018-08-17 14:26:00 Serbanl

Perfect service and fast. Works like a charm

2018-08-09 01:13:57 Barbie

code came within an hour. would use again

2018-08-08 23:34:33 Michalina

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2018-08-08 10:17:31 Luchian


2018-07-29 17:08:55 vlad

Ok . In 30 i received the codes. Thanks.

2018-07-24 23:11:17 Cian

Worked perfectly well, instructions were quite confusing - I only needed to enter the code labelled as 'network' and it was fine. one of the codes I got, and it worked. The names for the codes listed in the instructions don't match the names for the codes sent.

2018-07-17 18:10:14 dan

Very fast delivery, the code worked. Thank you very much

2018-07-16 21:55:46 serbanl

Great service, Perfect. Works like a charm Keep it like this guys Fast delivery

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2018-07-01 19:48:16 Tomasz

Polecam. Wszystko szybko i sprawnie.

2018-06-29 10:02:49 Stefan

Thanks guys, cheap, fast, and pretty easy to understand instructions. Though it took me a few minutes to understand where to use MCK and NCK codes, but it worked out in the end. I'd recommend

2018-06-02 21:40:40 Bojan

Schell Code alles perfekt

2018-05-27 20:54:44 Tomasz

Szybko, sprawnie i rzetelnie.Polecam

2018-05-26 20:07:40 Mihai

Yes, network unlocked

2018-05-10 09:50:01 ionel

Fast, good communication. 10 stars

2018-04-27 23:03:45 Maciej

After switching from Vodafone to Eir been told it will take a up to a month to get my phone's SIMLOCK taken off. Been waiting 4 days and came to this website. Here, I got it done after 18min

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2018-04-22 21:02:39 Fatmir

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2018-04-02 10:45:16 Iulia Maria

Great service

2018-03-22 10:18:55 John

Professional, fast and transparent service with full updates via email throughout.

2018-03-01 15:45:41 Fikret

The phone was unlocked very fast and efficiently. I'd recommend it to everyone.

2018-02-23 09:51:58 dejan

Thank you very much, very quick service

2018-02-18 20:26:11 Branco

Worked like a charm Recommend Thumbs up

2018-02-16 20:59:41 serban

easy to unlock the phone. is a reliable service. when I need you, I will call and I will recommend to other people

2018-02-01 17:32:19 Jordan

Super fast Unlocked my samsung J5 over night, wonderful services, thank you very much

2018-01-24 21:09:38 Pawe³

Wszystko ok telefon odblokowany za pierwszym razem polecam innym .

2018-01-23 18:00:23 Estera

Bardzo prosto i szybko:)

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2018-01-07 14:09:47 Alex

Perfect service. Provided the codes the same day on a saturday. Fantastic.