Déblocage iPhone 7 Plus

Pour iPhone 7 Plus sont disponibles pour choisir parmi les options suivantes pour débloquer. Si vous ne savez pas quelle option choisir, s'il vous plaît contactez-nous. Nous allons vous aider à choisir le bon produit pour votre téléphone.

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Débloquer iPhone 7 Plus


Dernier commentaire sur la libération

  • Excellent work the phone is been unlocked and working fine. This is real and not a scam

    Folarin - 2018-04-19 01:50:58

  • Simlock zdjêty, ale ¶redni czas oczekiwania przekroczony :)

    Micha³ - 2018-04-18 22:22:42

  • excelente

    francia - 2018-04-17 14:32:20

  • Unlocked iPhone 7 Plus in 5 days. Great service. Reasonable price. At first I was not sure if it was a scam, but it is legit Will use again.

    James - 2018-04-13 17:55:21

  • Great service. Will use again to unlock other phones.

    Kevin - 2018-04-13 15:08:00

Comment débloquer l'iPhone 7 Plus ?

Après avoir reçu l’information que le numéro IMEI a été enregistré dans la base Apple il faut faire ce qui suit:
1. Installez la carte d’un autre opérateur ou la carte SIM avec laquelle fonctionne iPhone avec une batterie chargée.
2. Allumez l’appareil et entrez votre code PIN.
3. Lancez l'application iTunes sur votre ordinateur avec l’accès à l’Internet.
4. Connectez l'iPhone à votre ordinateur.
5. L'application ITunes détectera automatiquement l'appareil et commencera le processus du déblocage.
6. Le processus de déblocage peut durer de 2 à 30 minutes, en fonction de la vitesse de la transmission des connexions Internet.
7. L'achèvement du processus de déverrouillage sera confirmé par le message: "Congratulations, your iPhone has been unlocked".
(Le contenu exact du message et de la version linguistique peut varier en fonction de la version de iTunes)

La déconnection de iPhone de l’ordinateur avant de terminer le processus de déblocage peut endommager le logiciel de l'appareil.


2018-04-19 01:50:58 Folarin

Excellent work the phone is been unlocked and working fine. This is real and not a scam

2018-04-18 22:22:42 Micha³

Simlock zdjêty, ale ¶redni czas oczekiwania przekroczony :)

2018-04-17 14:32:20 francia


2018-04-13 17:55:21 James

Unlocked iPhone 7 Plus in 5 days. Great service. Reasonable price. At first I was not sure if it was a scam, but it is legit Will use again.

2018-04-13 15:08:00 Kevin

Great service. Will use again to unlock other phones.

2018-04-13 14:56:58 Kevin

Amazing service. Unlocked the iPhone 7plus that I bought for my son. Will use again if I need to unlock another phone.

2018-04-13 12:10:53 harpal singh

Nice service quick unlocked my phone

2018-04-11 12:22:45 charles

Fantastic service, and reasonably priced

2018-04-10 10:16:33 marcin

polecam... najtaniejjj :)

2018-04-10 10:15:57 marcin

zdecydowanie polecam.. najtaniejjj na rynku:)

2018-04-09 00:04:14 Martin

Nuevamente...excelente servicio, muy profesionales.

2018-04-06 12:18:03 Kamil

4 godzinki i iPhone 7 Plus z sieci Orange odblokowany. Polecam

2018-04-03 19:29:23 ricardo

muy bueno

2018-04-03 13:04:02 vijaya

Amazing, unlocked my iPhone 7 Plus with in 30 minuets of placing order. Great service

2018-04-03 03:41:29 Ronald

Wow just wow super fast service will use again thanks a bunch for unlocking my iPhone 7 Plus you guys rock

2018-04-02 14:07:49 Danyeli

2nd phone unlocked love there service both my phones are working great and I’m able to use in the US Aand Dominican Republic

2018-04-01 23:19:13 Andrei

Thank you for unlocking my phone 7plus, just 10days I’m waiting .

2018-03-30 14:56:22 zeel

Best fastest service I really highly recommend

2018-03-30 11:18:49 Miguel

Was skeptical at first but amazing work will for sure come back again fast quality work

2018-03-29 04:52:49 Nate

Bruh it took a week and few days too unlock my 7 plus from AT&T i thought i had got ripped off but they actually made it work. Thank u so much

2018-03-28 10:59:46 Wojciech

Polecam , sprawnie i szybko

2018-03-27 22:36:26 Danyi

Amazing work done in one day. Works amazing

2018-03-27 16:22:00 Wojciech

wszystko w pozadku polecam. bardzo dobre biuro obs³ugi klienta,szybkie odpowiedzi na pytania

2018-03-27 10:26:40 Cenia

Excelente servicio, muy bien recomendado :)

2018-03-27 05:24:17 Chris

Great result thanks Team

2018-03-26 12:37:22 Andi

Super Service Hatte ein iPhone 7 bei einer Versteigerung mit Simlock von US AT&T ersteigert. Freischaltung hat super geklappt

2018-03-25 15:26:17 Dom

PRICE Unbeatable I will never ever go to anybody else to get my phone unlocked unless it’s here literally had my phone unlocked the next morning for a price 50x cheaper then anyone else.... deserves 100 stars if you ask me

2018-03-25 14:09:53 Prathyusha

It’s great service. My iphone unlocked within just 7 hrs. I Recommend for everyone

2018-03-25 12:16:52 R

They had very quick service. Easy service and everything works fine

2018-03-20 23:23:26 Daniel

I was skeptical at first when I came across this website, but eventually had the nerve to try it. I am so glad I did because sim-unlock.net unlocked my iPhone 7 Plus. I was so satisfied with the service that I decided to unlock a second iPhone 7 Plus. Thank you sim-unlock.net for everything. I will defenetly recommend this site to family and friends.

2018-03-20 17:10:14 Wilmer

excellent service I liked and re-use it later

2018-03-20 09:53:29 HGG

Bought it and in less than 24 hours it was done Great service and website, would use again

2018-03-18 18:22:29 Henry

My Iphone 7 Plus was finally unlocked from softbank after 15 days. Thanks sim-unlock

2018-03-16 11:29:19 John

I paid the money thinking thAt it was not going to work. Almost 48 hours later received an email that my iPhone 7+ was unlocked I put a different SIM card in the phone and it worked just like advertised. I will definitely use again and I will tell a few people as well.

2018-03-16 09:33:20 Olaf

Serdecznie polecam Kontakt telefoniczny bardzo konkretny i mi³y uzyska³em szybk± odpowied¼ na moje pytanie. Bo zamówieniu wysy³ane informacje odno¶nie zamówienia. Zdecydowanie polecam

2018-03-07 11:56:35 Jorge

Gracias por desbloquearme mi celular es mul seguro se los recomiendo de Verda muchas gracias

2018-03-07 06:58:02 sherly


2018-03-07 06:55:09 Jean Reginald

This company is great and very fast less than 24hrs....

2018-03-07 04:26:12 manuel

Muy buen servicio, 100% satisfecho con el servicio, mi iphone 7 plus quedo liberado.

2018-03-04 13:36:14 LANDRY

Good job. Thank u

2018-02-28 07:35:31 Jennifer

Great and fast service 🙌🏻 Couldn’t be any more satisfied

2018-02-22 20:06:03 manuel

Muy buen servicio. Amplia-mente recomendado. me ayudo a verificar la red y el país de un iPhone.

2018-02-20 19:07:32 Helluarghs

Excelente servicio Muy complacido.

2018-02-20 11:40:12 Marek

Super wykonana us³uga :)

2018-02-18 10:27:33 jefferson

Thank you very much it works perfectly

2018-02-14 23:59:00 Ewelina

I am really pleased with my order, it took less time than estimated. Also customer service is very good. I did not have to hold the line at all to be able to speak to a someone. Excellent, highly recommend a reliable service Thank you

2018-02-12 16:29:11 Bryce

Kudos for prompt service My phone was unlocked in less than ten hours and I was free to use it on any supported Network.

2018-02-11 12:44:47 Hidir

Hat alles geklappt super Service

2018-02-09 16:05:31 Sylwester

Szybko i skutecznie, polecam us³ugi owej strony

2018-02-09 15:19:27 Aleksander