Combien de temps j'attendrai le code de déblocage?

Temps d'attente pour un code de déverrouillage pour mobile Huawei est de 6 à 14 jours de travail.

Le temps moyen d'obtention du code fait 8 jours 16 heures 52 minutes. Ce temps est calculé sur la base de 50 dernières commandes passées par nos clients.

Débloquer Huawei P9


Dernier commentaire sur la libération

  • Wszystko piêknie odblokowane Huawei p9

    Pawe³ - 2018-04-06 19:37:09

  • Thank you for the unlock. Took about 8 days to come through but now my phone is unlocked. Many thanks

    Rinalds - 2018-03-12 10:14:24

  • Ottimo Risolto il problema in soli due giorni e sbloccato il telefono al primo tentativo Un po' caro ma ne è valsa la pena

    Michele - 2017-12-23 16:14:17

  • Guten Tag, welche sind die Code Wo muss ich die eingeben Danke

    Eisath - 2017-10-31 10:57:29

  • The best

    vasile - 2017-08-13 12:41:41

Comment entrer le code sur le mobile Huawei P9 ?

1 - Allumez le téléphone avec une carte SIM étrangère *
2 – entrez le code de déverrouillage NCK.
Le téléphone est déverrouillé.
* Étrangère – la carte SIM d'un réseau différent de celui dans lequel fonctionne le mobile.


2018-06-04 10:18:31 bassam

Was great service And fast when I made the order first time they said 4 to 6 business days but I got my unlock code so fast thank you so much for this service

2018-04-06 19:37:09 Pawe³

Wszystko piêknie odblokowane Huawei p9

2018-03-12 10:14:24 Rinalds

Thank you for the unlock. Took about 8 days to come through but now my phone is unlocked. Many thanks

2018-03-11 11:21:32 Karl

Hallo bin mit dem Dienst sehr zufrieden und es hat alles sehr gut geklappt. Gerne wieder

2018-01-30 19:38:11 Tomasz

w miarê szybko, wygodnie , wszystko dzia³a... znaczy w porz±dku...:)

2017-12-23 16:14:17 Michele

Ottimo Risolto il problema in soli due giorni e sbloccato il telefono al primo tentativo Un po' caro ma ne è valsa la pena

2017-10-31 10:57:29 Eisath

Guten Tag, welche sind die Code Wo muss ich die eingeben Danke

2017-09-10 10:23:19 Alexander

Immer gerne wieder

2017-08-24 14:03:00 Edgar

Excelent service 1000% secure and fast

2017-08-17 10:55:51 Marlena

Polecam. Simloc ¶ci±gniêty.

2017-08-13 12:41:41 vasile

The best

2017-08-13 12:37:02 Giannis

Thank you

2017-08-10 20:29:39 josh

love your really quckly best best service happy

2017-06-28 12:59:13 Paulo

Code worked, took more than 3 days to receive

2017-05-31 23:05:09 Szymon

Kilka dni a nie tydzieñ w przypadku huaweia. Da³em se, polecam

2017-03-30 11:32:02 Przemyslaw

Warto by³o czekaæ .W pe³ni dzia³aj±cy kod odblokowuj±cy . Polecam

2017-03-27 18:10:49 TOMASZ

wszystko przebieg³o pomy¶lnie ...polecam

2017-03-23 01:13:35 Mick_Paddy

brilliant service needed the NCK code and they got me the right one along with other codes that do other stuff that i dont need but whatever lol, def worth the money, dont go to the clowns in the shop or use any other site ur your only wasting your money with them, i had to wait 9 nine days but its worth the wait, really really cant recommend enough, had my doubts but not anymore only sorry i didnt go here first

2017-02-28 23:13:58 Joel

Perfect, good communication and delivered what was needed. 5 stars

2017-02-27 22:30:25 Andrzej

Niesamowicie szybki serwis Polecam ka¿demu

2017-02-22 23:58:39 wojciech

Profesjonalnie i do¶æ szybko.Polecam.Na innych stronach nie warto szukaæ.Dziêkujê.

2017-02-22 20:15:11 Gergely

I tried to use another site before (cellfservices) and waited for 4 months. They promised alway just another few days. I ended up asking for my money back and try to find another site, when I bumped into sim-unlock net who provided me with my code in 5 days. Amazing. Thanks guys (p9)

2017-01-29 12:41:57 Szymon

Mial wachania ale wszystko poszlo pomy¶lnie.Dostalem kod juz po ok.30godz.wiec rewelacja.Polecam strone kazdemu,profesjonalny servis,dzieki bardzo👍

2017-01-27 20:39:33 Szymon

Kod dostalem po OK.30godz.wszystko zadzialalo jak powinno.Dzieki bardzo.Polecam wszystkim ta strone

2017-01-26 13:10:59 Attila

Great thanks....

2017-01-25 17:40:10 Step

V good

2017-01-21 23:52:46 Miguel

Simple, easy and secure. Great

2017-01-20 21:11:50 Manuel

Servicio muy rápido y profesional. Sin problemas. Recomendable.

2017-01-19 22:57:06 Micha³

Bardzo zadowolony Na kod czeka³em zaledwie jedn± noc

2017-01-15 14:27:14 Izabela

Ekspresowo i profesjonalnie .Bez problemu odblokowany telefon. Polecam, korzystajcie bez zastanowienia.

2016-10-24 04:01:43 Patricio

Works perfectly Thanks

2016-10-23 19:08:33 John

Very pleased with the service. It took 4 days to get the code for my Hauwei P9 Lite but that was right on the predicted wait and the code worked first time. Good to do business with.

2016-10-23 14:18:08 Ovidiu

It worked. My P9 is now unlocked. It did take about 4 days as they said. Cheap good service. Thank you

2016-10-23 13:33:21 krzysztof

Wszystko bez problemu- czas oczekiwania 5 dni ale za to cena bardzo przystêpna

2016-10-16 14:06:05 Tiago filipe

São os melhores. Recomendo , pois sempre me funciona, já pedi como 10 códigos para diferentes marcas e modelos e sempre funcionou de forma rápida e efectiva.

2016-10-15 21:25:23 Patryk

Best way to unlock your phone

2016-10-15 20:14:31 Irving


2016-10-15 14:50:58 Greg

thank you so much, great service, waited for 4 working days, on the 5th wrote to them and they answered very quickly, first code worked straight away :-) recommend A BIG YES. thank you again. have phone in vodafone ireland, gr8 job guys.

2016-10-09 19:02:21 Patricia

I had my doubts, but it turned out to be a great experience. I received my code in half the average time for a Huawei, which was perfect because I was able to unlock my phone just when I needed it the most. I would use this service again if I had to unlock another phone.

2016-10-08 14:23:04 Mariola

Wszystko ok. Polecam 100%

2016-10-08 13:38:03 Fernando

It took some days to get the code, but it worked at first attempt

2016-10-02 17:32:48 Ruben

quick servise and trust

2016-09-27 09:44:59 Hubert

uwa¿am ¿e strona jest bardzo dobra i rzetelna

2016-09-26 01:51:59 DARIUSZ

Wszystko wporzadku.Polecam

2016-09-25 17:29:02 Eugen

Very good services

2016-09-25 16:36:21 Emanuel Barros

This is the 3st time i use this website. The only complain was taking 4 days to get the code for a Huawei. But works :D Thanks

2016-09-25 11:00:49 E.M.

Already in the first code it worked. The phone accepted another sim card. Working perfectly.

2016-09-25 10:48:54 Krzysztof

Super , mia³em czekaæ 4 dni a tu ju¿ po 3 dosta³em kody , polecam.

2016-09-18 10:18:47 Tomasz

super obsluga profesjonalnie i szybko. polecam

2016-09-17 22:45:10 Pedro

Really good service, much faster than what I expected and at a great price Highly recommended