Combien de temps j'attendrai le code de déblocage?

Temps d'attente pour un code de déverrouillage pour les téléphones LG est de 1 à 24 heures.

Le temps moyen d'obtention du code fait 3 heures 21 minutes. Ce temps est calculé sur la base de 50 dernières commandes passées par nos clients.

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  • Cool code en moin 1 h

    Michel - 2017-02-22 13:47:44

Comment entrer le code sur le mobile LG V20 ?

Pour entrer le code de déverrouillage sim pour le mobile LG , procédez comme suit:
1. Insérez la carte SIM qui fonctionne sur votre mobile à présent.
2. Entrez 2945#*XXX# ou 2945#*71001#
3. Vous serez invité à saisir le code
4. Entrez le code de déverrouillage
5. Le téléphone est déverrouillé

XXX Ce sont les chiffres du modèle du mobile LG, p.ex. pour KU990 nous saisissons 2945#*990#, GT540 nous saisissons2945#*540#


2020-04-29 14:24:26 civicfan20202

Great service. Speedy turnaround. No need to install additional software.

2019-12-25 21:01:16 Ricky

Todo fue excelente, gracias por la ayuda tan profesional que ustedes tienen, no me costo hacer des pues el trabajo restante.

2019-12-25 05:59:24 Marshall

I would rate this service 10 stars if I could. The unlock code worked perfectly after a different "monster" site screwed me out of $15. Thanks for being legit.

2019-12-19 16:38:07 Ricky

Fue Excelente , Fueron muy Amables y gentiles, Excelente Servicio y rapido gracias.

2019-09-03 08:13:11 Micah

Great service The cheapest and most efficient I've found on the web. One note is that they don't process over the weekends, but as soon as Monday hit I got my code before I even woke up for my 8am class

2019-08-21 07:41:08 SFM

So easy and simple.

2019-07-05 14:56:33 Ighodalo


2019-07-02 00:40:48 Tassio

Phone: LG V20 It took a while to get the code, about 10h, but when I got it, it worked like a charm.

2019-06-14 00:25:45 LISA

I got the code on my order page not even an hour later. Now I got my LG V20 phone unlocked...Happy, Happy I never got any email though for my order, if I didn't save the order page I wouldn't have known my unlock code was there................

2019-06-10 21:13:09 Solomon

Took a long time for the code but it did work

2019-06-07 15:06:50 w u

I was pleasantly surprised how quickly Sim-Unlock responded with the correct codes, unfortunately there were other problems with the hardware. And I thank Sim-Unlock for your prompt proficient service Thanks so very much W. U. Lampplezze

2019-05-02 19:05:49 Sal Ochoa

100% Happy Customer. Everything is legit. No hassle of waiting days to get pin. Thank You

2019-03-07 08:59:20 Abraham

Honestly thought it wouldn't work but man, was it 100% legit and pretty fast too.

2019-02-20 16:42:13 Christopher

very fast in less than 5 minutes i got my unlock code. Good job

2018-12-05 15:55:39 Mik

Sim-Unlock always have give a quick and excellent service, but this order take 4 days to get the response of the unlocking code, the good news is that it works correctly. thanks

2018-11-20 00:40:38 Zarif

The service was great I got a code very quickly and it worked

2018-10-17 23:09:39 Guy

Great service. Unlocked LG v20 within 24 hrs. Can’t beat the price

2018-10-01 15:48:23 DANIEL

I am surprised it worked. Got an unlock code within an hour. Popped a TMobile Sim in and it worked perfectly. I would definitely recommend this way to unlock your v20 especially since it's a Google trusted store.

2018-09-13 22:26:28 Bamidele


2018-09-10 06:49:03 Dariusz

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