Combien de temps j'attendrai le code de déblocage?

Temps d'attente pour un code de déverrouillage pour les téléphones LG est de 1 à 4 heures.

Le temps moyen d'obtention du code fait 51 minutes. Ce temps est calculé sur la base de 50 dernières commandes passées par nos clients.

LG Phoenix 2


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  • gooddd

    albert - 2017-02-22 12:15:38

Comment entrer le code sur le mobile LG Phoenix 2 ?

Pour entrer le code de déverrouillage sim pour le mobile LG , procédez comme suit:
1. Insérez la carte SIM qui fonctionne sur votre mobile à présent.
2. Entrez 2945#*XXX# ou 2945#*71001#
3. Vous serez invité à saisir le code
4. Entrez le code de déverrouillage
5. Le téléphone est déverrouillé

XXX Ce sont les chiffres du modèle du mobile LG, p.ex. pour KU990 nous saisissons 2945#*990#, GT540 nous saisissons2945#*540#


2018-04-15 14:58:29 Carlos

Excelente servicio, llegó el código rápido y funcionó a la perfección

2018-02-23 16:05:25 Santiago

mui buen servicio rapiro y economico

2018-02-18 16:35:21 FERNANDO

Excelente servicio

2018-02-16 22:04:11 Luis

Excelente Tambien funciona en LG Phoenix 3 de A&TT

2018-02-15 21:31:45 Christian

¡Nueva liberación de LG exitosa

2018-02-13 21:20:06 Christian

Liberación exitosa.

2018-02-04 13:10:59 Melissa M


2018-01-23 16:41:00 ASHISH

Code worked perfectly fine . thank you team sim-unlock

2017-11-30 16:11:38 Raja

Happy with the service. Really helped to unlock.

2017-11-21 13:17:52 ludwig

Muchas gracias Buen servicio

2017-11-20 14:45:30 Pedro

Rapido y facil, Gracias

2017-11-13 00:38:58 matt

Fast, great service

2017-11-10 01:44:32 Elizabeth

everything went smoothly. i love the price and ease of service. thanks a bunch

2017-11-07 14:19:12 Behailu


2017-11-05 20:35:33 David

First try. Code worked no problem. Will now try with wifes phone.

2017-10-30 13:29:11 Sathesh Kumar

Thanks. ATT Unlock Code worked perfectly and able to use LG phoneix mobile to call using T-mobile sim card.

2017-10-24 16:09:24 Christian

Liberación exitosa. ¡Gracias

2017-10-13 22:10:01 jose

Muy bien excelente servicio gracias

2017-10-08 05:39:15 arie

Súper excelenteiiii me desbloqueraon correctamente y fácil. Mil gracias iiii

2017-10-01 05:59:28 German

Gracias, me sirvió , buen servicio

2017-08-17 19:58:01 Devendra

Was able to successfully unlock my LG Phoenix 2

2017-08-15 22:16:24 Ileana

Gracias como siempre exelente nunca podria quejarme servicio rapido y sobretodo economico

2017-08-14 16:38:54 Sravan

It took around 8 hours to get the code and I was skeptical whether I would receive it. But, the worked just fine and instructions really helped. Happy about this service

2017-08-06 16:27:07 Innah

Awesome service Got my code immediately 😊

2017-07-10 14:41:37 keny


2017-06-22 20:00:26 Yesly

Excelente muy rápido

2017-06-22 07:03:48 Saravanan

Awesome.. the code worked.. thank you

2017-05-19 21:06:58 Audrey

The code come about 10 hours later, but it's faster than most places. I was looking at Ebay codes that would take a week, and I needed it immediately. Great and quick service. Thanks Note: Don't use the original SIM like it says in the instructions as that won't prompt an unlock code page. Put in the SIM you want to use.

2017-05-19 16:30:32 ludwig

Buenos Dias El servicio es excelente, todo muy rapido muchas Gracias, Saludos

2017-05-15 07:58:50 Hai

Good service. I can unlock my phone after buying the code .

2017-05-13 23:42:33 HOA

The code came in 24 hours, not quick as advertised. Sad.

2017-05-12 20:25:37 Denzel

Fully satisfied quick easy simply thank you guys

2017-05-05 05:23:56 Kirvin

Perfect again You are the greatest. Will see you in the near future.

2017-04-27 20:11:17 Fernando Maluy

Excelente, un poco más tardado de lo que estiman pero muy bien

2017-04-26 20:38:41 Trevon

Best service​ ever. It was easy and fast, I paid and got my code in about 3mins

2017-04-23 01:38:06 Rafa³

Odblokowywalem LG PHOENIX2 kupiony w USA jestem bardzo milo zaskoczony szybka odpowiedzia meilowa z kodem do odblokowania sim locka ktory trwal ok.3minut wszystko odbylo sie sprawnie bez zadnych trudnosci i klopotow strony sa przejzyste bardzo dobrze wytlumaczone naprawde polecam i pozd

2017-04-18 07:28:31 daren

I have used 15-20 times now, and they always come through. This one took longer than average, but they are usually faster than their average time for me. 5 stars

2017-04-16 20:06:02 eddy

Excelente servicio

2017-04-15 18:20:36 Felipe De Jesus

Muchas gracias por su excelente servicio Muy confiable y rapido se lo recomiendo ampliamente a todos, un cordial saludo desde Mexico.

2017-04-03 21:53:48 Josh P.

The wait time showed was 51 minutes, but I actually got the unlock code within 15' after payment. It works, and is cheaper then other places. Will visit again

2017-03-25 17:50:34 Jorge Olvera

Excelente pagina de liberaciones. 100%seguras

2017-03-19 12:48:43 angel

Buen servicio funciona perfecto

2017-03-15 21:03:47 Jjacek le

po raz kolejny jestem bardzo zadowolony

2017-03-03 20:33:11 Wilhelm

Worked with no problems after receiving code ... code took a little longer than average but got it and unlocked my AT&T LG Phoenix 2 Go Phone

2017-02-26 10:53:48 MAREK


2017-02-25 17:35:13 Ángel Eduardo


2017-02-22 12:15:38 albert


2017-02-18 14:50:25 Multiuser

Pure awesome. Excellent service. Quick delivery. Repeat satisfaction. Prefect

2017-02-05 16:20:12 angel

Funciona perfecto muy rapido