Déblocage Nokia RM-975

Pour Nokia RM-975 sont disponibles pour choisir parmi les options suivantes pour débloquer. Si vous ne savez pas quelle option choisir, s'il vous plaît contactez-nous. Nous allons vous aider à choisir le bon produit pour votre téléphone.

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Débloquer Nokia RM-975


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  • Excelente servicio

    luis - 2018-08-08 13:01:06

  • Excellent service I wanted to unlock an old Nokia to use on vacation in Australia and the code sent to me by Sim-Unlock worked the first time. I would definitely use this service again.

    Michael - 2017-12-24 17:11:20

  • Buen servicio efectivo

    gustavo adolfo - 2017-09-02 17:26:03

  • Action is soon and correct, thanks again。

    Chaoling - 2017-07-03 02:58:20

  • Excelente servicio y muy confiable, sigan asi

    Edwin - 2017-06-08 16:06:52

Comment entrer le code sur le mobile Nokia RM-975 ?

Le code sous format #pw+12345678901234+1# que vous recevrez pour déverrouiller le téléphone, doit être saisi de la manière suivante:

1. Allumez le téléphone sans carte SIM
2. Sélectionner le caractère # sur le clavier
3. Vous obtenez les caractères p, w, + en sélectionnant plusieurs fois le caractère*
4. Le dernier caractère # approuve tout le code
5. Le message suivant apparaît "la carte sim déverrouillée "

Vous n'avez qu'à 3 tentatives de la saisie du code.


2018-08-08 13:01:06 luis

Excelente servicio

2017-12-24 17:11:20 Michael

Excellent service I wanted to unlock an old Nokia to use on vacation in Australia and the code sent to me by Sim-Unlock worked the first time. I would definitely use this service again.

2017-09-02 17:26:03 gustavo adolfo

Buen servicio efectivo

2017-07-03 02:58:20 Chaoling

Action is soon and correct, thanks again。

2017-06-08 16:06:52 Edwin

Excelente servicio y muy confiable, sigan asi

2017-05-27 12:51:49 Valter

Vielen Dank Gut geklappt*****Exellent

2017-05-06 12:07:02 Waldon

Thanks for your kick service. Higly recomande

2017-05-01 20:11:56 Olvin

Excelente funcionó aunque me gustaría que atendieran los sábados y domingos

2017-04-17 17:22:46 daniel


2017-03-19 23:11:29 jose


2017-02-06 16:44:37 jimmy

Thank You A+ services.

2017-01-05 10:07:27 kyelem

Good job. I'm totally satisfied with the service. keep up guys.

2016-12-10 01:25:19 Paul

Great stuff, thanks.

2016-12-06 13:54:34 carlos roberto


2016-11-22 21:16:29 Miguel

Excelente servicio, seguramente seguiré utilizándolo. Saludos desde México

2016-11-03 12:22:35 Miguel Enrique

Excelente trabajo y profesionalismo un lugar muy confiable

2016-10-16 15:05:04 Prema

Service was excellent. I recd . the code within 2 days and it worked well

2016-09-24 02:43:26 Leslie

Very good services, I have lost my contacts and my pictures. I forget to do a backup.

2016-09-21 03:48:32 RANIQUE

Works great much thanks will be using your site more now

2016-09-15 05:30:29 Fayalene

Thank you for another job well done. My phone is up and running. Thanks again for your excellent service.

2016-08-29 02:11:41 Federico

Funcionó diez puntos

2016-06-07 16:46:29 Ouardi

Great service , fast and cheap 👍😊😘

2016-04-20 16:11:04 Eloy

Excellent service... I can use this phone..xD

2016-04-20 14:09:14 Eloy

excelente servicio

2016-04-14 17:42:05 j eduardo

buen servicio seguiré trabajando con ustedes

2016-04-08 17:52:28 osman

Muy buen servicio enserio, soy de Guatemala y si cumplieron con su palabra en 2 días yabtenia mi coodigo de liberación.

2016-03-30 04:34:13 Pavel

Muy bueno tardo dos dias pero funciono correctamente

2016-02-29 19:20:38 Borut

Confusion with #k...+,in future send only the numbers,working great

2016-02-14 18:46:21 Borche

Bit confusinh with #pw...# ... but then entered only numbers, long one and worked PERFECT

2016-01-27 11:37:51 Mirjana

Suprisingly prompt unlocking of my mobile phone.

2015-12-14 02:08:27 Noel

Worked like a charm.

2015-12-13 20:09:13 Janusz

Perfekcja gor±co polecam

2015-12-01 15:48:25 Bryan

i have used sim-unlock over the past several years to unlock AT&T Nokia phones from the USA. There service is excellent, fast, courteous and ALWAYS works. than you

2015-11-22 22:41:12 osavaldo

Excelente servicio,muy buen precio y fiable,recomendable al 100 %

2015-11-15 22:53:18 Pedro


2015-11-13 10:46:43 Zdenek

great, everything ok

2015-10-28 17:55:45 MARIO

ok is good

2015-10-28 16:45:01 Bernardo

Excelente servicio (Y) mi nokia esta libre

2015-10-26 16:18:59 abelardo


2015-10-23 05:57:38 juan

Excelente servicio y tiempo de respuesta, Gracias

2015-10-22 21:16:06 jose

Gracias por su servicio ya pude liberar mi telefono

2015-10-21 20:01:18 Mario Alberto

Muchas gracias y Muy buen servicio :), 100% recomendable

2015-10-21 14:01:29 MICHAEL

The code came in great time very simple process less than two minutes to freedom.

2015-10-13 06:00:18 German

Buen trabajo, funciono correctamente...

2015-10-02 06:52:19 jerry

very good service

2015-09-02 23:28:44 paulino


2015-08-06 15:04:18 Gerren

Great news Just as stated this service unlocked my phone and was also delivered in the time promised. Would recommend

2015-07-28 12:16:28 Arigato-Java

Your code worked just fine As Lumia phones do not accept p and w characters, I typed 15 digits between +'s and everything is good

2015-06-30 17:29:54 maurice

It was quick n easy .... great service :)

2015-06-26 20:06:34 Nicodemus

This is the second time I have used your service, it was fast and everything worked well. Regards